Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Vintage Look

Always a style that's "in", quite possibly one of the greatest designers is sadly a Nordstrom only brand: Linea Paolo. I say sadly, because there's just no price comparing. Because Nordstrom has exclusivity, the price is the price, and there is no way to find "deals" other than the minor selection on ebay. And by Minor, I mean very very small collection... the reason?

The only way to get the outdated styles are by searching the Nordstrom Rack - sadly most of those are so beat up from being tossed around and slipped on, it's rare you'll find one that is still "new". When someone does find a good looking one, they'll buy it for themselves, or turn around and try to make a profit. Sometimes you'll find a pair that someone is cleaning out with very little wear.

Otherwise, you're stuck ordering full price through Nordstrom.com. Which I gotta be honest, in the realm of shoes, these are very reasonably priced... between $89-$199 - the higher price applies to boots. The styles come in multiple colors, in fact my favorite, the "La Rue" which is featured below, comes in 17 different colors I've been able to count!

The best part? Comfort. Something about the soles of the shoes makes them easy to walk around in. I've walked a mall for five hours in the "Lacey" pump (above) with out a blister. For anyone that's used to heels, you'll find an extraordinary comfort in Linea Paolo.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I just bought my first pair of Linea Paolo shoes today; these 3 inch Jeanie taupe colored linen fabric sandals. They are incredibly comfortable! I thought, am I crazy, could these possibly be that comfortable. I was upset they were $100 but if they stay this comfortable and look so stylish, I'm all for it!

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