Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The dreaded cork!

I'm really really trying to love cork. I'm trying so hard, I finally purchased a shoe with cork. While it's not the cork base that I have so grown to loathe, it is a cork and leather stripe. This is the Pollini Woven Slingback, and I'll admit, from 5'7 inches from my feet, it doesn't look too much like cork, so it's workable. I'm slowly making my move into the cork base, and MAYBE after time, I'll finally move into the dreaded cork wedge. It's one of my biggest problems with Christian Louboutin (who seems to finally be moving away from cork with his newest collection), the constant cork base on some of the cutest shoes you've ever seen.

As far as this Pollini goes, it's rather comfortable, with the very in-style peeptoe. It's todays recommendation!

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